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Figure 4

From: PhyloSort: a user-friendly phylogenetic sorting tool and its application to estimating the cyanobacterial contribution to the nuclear genome of Chlamydomonas

Figure 4

Phylogenetic tree of thylakoid lumenal 17.4 kDa protein. This is a maximum likelihood tree inferred using RAxML-VI-HPC, v2.2.1 with the JTT evolutionary model and 100 bootstrap replicates 14 (bootstrap values < 50% are omitted from the phylogeny). We used a random starting tree (one round of taxon addition) and the rapid hill-climbing algorithm (i.e., option -f d in RAxML). The tree was drawn using Drawtree 27. Lineages are color-coded as follows: green → green algae and land plants, red → red algae, brown → chromalveolates, blue → glaucophytes, and black → cyanobacteria.

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