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Figure 1

From: The molecular evolution of four anti-malarial immune genes in the Anopheles gambiae species complex

Figure 1

Rel2 Bayesian Inference Tree. 50% majority-rule consensus Bayesian (unrooted) tree of Rel2. Numbers on branches are the posterior probabilities of clades, only values above 0.5 are presented. Species names have been abbreviated as follows: ARA: An. arabiensis, BWA: An. bwambae, GAM: An. gambiae, MEL: An. melas, MER: An. merus, and QUA: An. quadriannulatus. The number following the species abbreviation refers to the individual specimen code, whereas the letters A and B differentiate between the two alleles of a single individual specimen. Details of the Bayesian analysis can be provided upon request.

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