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Table 1 Sequences of primers used in the study for the amplification of the four anti-malarial immunity genes. If PCR1 was not succesfull or produced very low signal a nested PCR was applied.

From: The molecular evolution of four anti-malarial immune genes in the Anopheles gambiae species complex

  PCR 1 PCR nested
Gambicin Gamb_exon_313_1505F Gamb_exon_46_692F
  Gamb_exon_313_1505R Gamb_exon_46_692R
NOS NOS _exon_30528F NOS _exon_30705F
  NOS _exon_31858R NOS _exon_31692R
Rel2 Rel2_exon_415F Rel2_exon_504F
  Rel2Frag1Rev Rel2_exon_1275R
FBN9 FBN9 _217F FBN9 _264F
  FBN9 _1149R FBN9 _1075R