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Table 5 Likelihood ratio tests in NOS and Rel2 between models that allow codon sites to evolve under positive selection (M3, M2a, M8) and those that do not (M0, M1a, M7).

From: The molecular evolution of four anti-malarial immune genes in the Anopheles gambiae species complex

NOS Rel2
Model Ln 2ΔLn a p-value Ln 2ΔLn a p-value df
M0 -1981.64533 12.83610 0.0121* -1384.06495 15.63108 0.0036* 4
M3 -1975.22728    -1376.24941    
M1a -1975.76521 1.04519 n.s. -1376.33264 0.00004 n.s. 2
M2a -1975.24262    -1376.33262    
M7 -1975.59590 0.72744 n.s -1376.64901 0.77912 n.s. 2
M8 -1975.23218    -1376.25945    
  1. * Significant p-value at 0.05 significance level; df: degrees of freedom
  2. a This quantity is compared to the critical values of a chi-square distribution with the respective degrees of freedom