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Figure 2

From: Geminiviruses: a tale of a plasmid becoming a virus

Figure 2

Complete linkage clustering analysis of RCR Rep proteins. Pairwise distance matrix for 40 Rep proteins was calculated using MEGA4 [51] and used for the clustering analysis. Distances between individual data points (colored circles) are proportional to the number of amino acid substitutions per site between sequences. GenBank accession number of each protein is indicated in the upper-left corner of the Figure. Abbreviations: B, begomovirus (black circle); C, curtovirus (black circle); M, mastrevirus (black circle); N.t., Nicotiana tabacum (black circle); phy, phytoplasmal plasmid (red circle); P.p., Porphyra pulchra plasmid (light blue circle); B.c., Bifidobacterium catenulatum DSM 16992 (magenta circle); Cir, circovirus (green circle); Nano, nanovirus (yellow circle); Mar, marine metagenome (blue circle).

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