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Table 3 HaMStR ortholog search in human chromosome 2 ESTs

From: HaMStR: Profile hidden markov model based search for orthologs in ESTs

  Genes ESTs
Total a 1106 32647
Max. no. of hits b 81 6288
Not annotated 1032 29293
Orthologs predicted 74 3354
Orthologs (idc) 72 3243
Orthologs (diff c ) 2 111
Orthologs (missed c ) 9 389
False positive rate 3% 3%
Sensitivity 89% 55%
  1. a Total denotes the number genes/ESTs in the chr2-EST data.
  2. b Intersection of the genes represented in the chr2-ESTs and the human orthologs for the genes in the PoP set obtained with the human proteome data (c.f. Table 2).
  3. c Relative to the results using the human proteome data.