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Figure 7

From: Domain duplication, divergence, and loss events in vertebrate Msx paralogs reveal phylogenomically informed disease markers

Figure 7

Physiochemical/phylogenetic analysis of Msx1 mutants. The MAPP algorithm was used to identify mutations of human Msx1 that appear to violate physiochemical/phylogenetic constraints. Using the full-alignment after subtracting the Msx2, a, d, 3, b and c sequences, positions harboring mutations in human Msx1 were compared with homologous positions in the remaining Msx sequences at progressively more inclusive phylogenetic depths: human-amniote (dark grey bars), human-tetrapod (human plus amniotes and amphibians; light grey bars), human-cnidarian (humans plus amniotes, amphibians, and cnidarians; black bars). * Could not be calculated due to alignment gap(s).

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