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Figure 5

From: Systematic analysis of insertions and deletions specific to nematode proteins and their proposed functional and evolutionary relevance

Figure 5

Characteristics of protein family NF_0309_0623. A. Multiple alignment of the members of this protein family (the alignment has been trimmed for a better view). This family has proteins that originate from species spanning 3 clades. It encodes mitochondrial carrier protein that belongs to MC family, involved in Environmental Information Processing (based on Panther; [92]). Accession numbers of sequences used are: XP_746931.1, CAD60708.1, XP_427233.2, NP_729803.1, XP_394090.1, CAG07711.1, XP_715902.1, XP_217310.3, XP_001387442, XP_001492793, XP_001649449, NP_001039791, XP_001247964, NP_001008081.1, XP_001163052, NP_998284.1, EDL38228.1, XP001376701, BAE61781.1, XP_001084129, XP_001604399, XP_001374602, NP_984088.1, AAB17185.1, XP_308217.3, EAW69088.1, XP_854738.1, NP_001085887, XP_001361631, XP_971944.1, XP_001273074. B. Structure model 2C3E from Bos taurus mitochondrial ADP/ATP carrier was used to show the nematode-specific deletion (marked in red).

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