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Figure 2

From: Genetic variation at hair length candidate genes in elephants and the extinct woolly mammoth

Figure 2

Alignment of FGF5 amino acid sequences determined for elephantids, along with the large splice variants of bovid, human, cat, dog (wolf, not shown, has amino acid sequence identical to dog), and mouse. Exon 2 is lightly shaded while exons 1 and 3 are unshaded. Common and scientific names are shown for all species; laboratory codes are shown for the elephantids (see Methods for information on individual samples). An Asian elephant is used as the reference sequence; identities are shown as dots; differences are shown as the single letter amino acid code that differs from the reference sequence; alignment gaps are shown as dashes. The Indigirka ("Ind") woolly mammoth sequence is distinguished by dark shading. Sequences not obtained for specific individuals are shown with #.

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