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Figure 5

From: High adsorption rate is detrimental to bacteriophage fitness in a biofilm-like environment

Figure 5

Competitive serial transfer experiments between LA-wt and (a) HA-J 1077-1 or (b) HA-Stf. Curves represent the proportion of LA-wt in the carrier liquid medium as a function of transfer number. The experiments were performed at 0.27 (triangle), 0.53 (circle) and 0.8% (square) top agar concentrations. On (b), solid lines and filled symbols correspond to actual competitive transfer experiments, while dotted lines and open symbols correspond to reconstruction experiments (see Results). The insets show the of HA-Stf (white) and LA-wt (blue) plaques, before and after the first transfer. Error bars represent 95% confidence intervals.

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