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Figure 10

From: The genome sequence of the protostome Daphnia pulexencodes respective orthologues of a neurotrophin, a Trk and a p75NTR: Evolution of neurotrophin signaling components and related proteins in the bilateria

Figure 10

Alignment of Trkls. Dappu- (Daphnia pulex), Bee (Apis mellifera), Pea Aphid (Acyrthosiphon pisum), Jewel wasp (Nasonia vitripennis), Lottia (Lottia gigantea) and Aplysia (Aplysia californica) trkl sequences are aligned. The EGF domain is underlined and conserved Cys are highlighted. The transmembrane domain is underlined. The Tyr in the NPxY motif prior to the tyrosine kinase domain is highlighted black on white. Important functional residues within the tyrosine kinase domain such as the phosphorylation site YXXDYY are also highlighted.

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