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Figure 1

From: Testing mitochondrial sequences and anonymous nuclear markers for phylogeny reconstruction in a rapidly radiating group: molecular systematics of the Delphininae (Cetacea: Odontoceti: Delphinidae)

Figure 1

Hypotheses of the relationships among the nominal species in the subfamily Delphininae. (sensu LeDuc [3]) based on A. recent morphological analyses [26, 27, 102104, 108, 109, 115] (none included Sousa chinensis), B. full mtDNA cytb sequences [3, 21, 24, 25] in which Delphinus capensis was found to be nested within D. delphis, and C. a combined analysis of 2 mtDNA sequence loci and 10 nuclear gene sequence loci [20] (in which an additional genus, Sotalia, is hypothesized to belong to the subfamily).

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