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Figure 3

From: Phylogeny and evolutionary history of Leymus(Triticeae; Poaceae) based on a single-copy nuclear gene encoding plastid acetyl-CoA carboxylase

Figure 3

Fifty-percent majority-rule Bayesian tree inferred form the intron sequences of nuclear Acc1 gene of Leymus and its affinitive species, under GTR + G model. Numbers with bold above nodes are Bayesian posterior probability values ≥ 90% numbers below nodes are bootstrap values ≥50%. The numbers after species names refer to the distinct homoeologous of Acc1 gene. The table provides the estimated divergence dates for nodes labeled 1-13. The letter a and b represent two different accessions of Agropyron cristatum. This figure shows the upper quartile, for the full image please see Additional file 5.

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