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Figure 3

From: Origin and evolution of the Notch signalling pathway: an overview from eukaryotic genomes

Figure 3

Presence or absence of Notch signalling pathway components and auxiliary factors in eukaryotes. Colour code: In black: genes present. In white: genes absent. In grey: not all diagnostic domains found. In white with an asterisk: incomplete data (EST) do not allow definitive conclusions. In curly bracket: the four members of the γ-secretase complex. Asco = Ascomycota; Basidio = Basidiomycota; CHOANO = Choanoflagellata; DICTYO = Dyctiostellida; PELO = Pelobionta; VIRIDI = Viridiplantae; Embryo = Embryophyta; Volvo = Volvolcaceae; APIC = Apicomplexa; OOMY = Oomycota; BACILLA = Bacillariophyta; EUGLENO = Euglenozoa; Kineto = Kinetoplastida; HETEROLO = heterolobozoa.

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