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Figure 9

From: Nme protein family evolutionary history, a vertebrate perspective

Figure 9

Sequence alignment of zebrafish and human Nme protein domains and highlight on Nme4 specificity. (A) Nme protein domains were identified using NCBI Conserved Domain Database [23]. Domains were aligned using MUSCLE [86], and graphic view was generated using BioEdit V. 7.0.9 software. Residues identified as important for kinase function catalytic mechanism are indicated by an * according to X-ray structure information on human NME2 [37] and Lascu and Gonin review [38] on the catalytic mechanism of NDP Kinase. (B) Mitochondrial membrane linkage triad with central Arginine90. (C) Proline to Serine mutation restricted to tetrapods. Sequences accession numbers are listed in Tables 1 and 2.

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