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Figure 2

From: Phylogenomic analyses predict sistergroup relationship of nucleariids and Fungi and paraphyly of zygomycetes with significant support

Figure 2

Phylogeny inferred from the mitochondrial dataset. For details on figure description, evolutionary models and phylogenetic methods, see legend of Figure 1. Note that as already noted in a previous publication [5], the phylogenetic position of Capsaspora with mitochondrial data differs from that with nuclear data (Figure 1). We attribute this inconsistency to the limited availability of mtDNA sequences from Capsaspora relatives, and a strong LBA artifact introduced by the fast-evolving Bilateria in concert with Trichoplax. Further, the placements of Cryptococcus and Ustilago differ (although without significant support) from those with nuclear data (see Figure 4), although results with the much larger nuclear dataset are more likely to be correct.

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