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Figure 2

From: Genetic diversity of Ophiocordyceps sinensis, a medicinal fungus endemic to the Tibetan Plateau: Implications for its evolution and conservation

Figure 2

Phylogenetic analyses based on ITS sequences of 91 clones and their original sequences from direct sequencing. "•" indicates clones of XZ-LZ07-H1. Names of clones beginning with 154, 166, 189 and 197 originate from northern isolates XZ-NQ-154, XZ-NQ-166, QH-YS-189, and QH-YS-197B, respectively. Names of clones beginning with 6, 30, and H originate from southern isolates YN-6, XZ-LZ07-30, and XZ-LZ07-H1, respectively. Ca, Ch, and T indicate the source of clones from stromata, sclerotia, and external mycelial vela, respectively.

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