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Table 3 Results of the Shimodaira-Hasegawa (SH) test indicate the data cannot reject any of the three alternative unrooted Blochmannia phylogenies.

From: One nutritional symbiosis begat another: Phylogenetic evidence that the ant tribe Camponotini acquired Blochmanniaby tending sap-feeding insects

Constraint tree1 -ln L Diff -ln L p-value2
A 8785.83 0.52 0.67
B 8785.31 (best)  
C 8785.97 0.66 0.74
  1. 1The four major Blochmannia lineages may be related in three possible ways, reflected in three unrooted trees A-C (see Figure 4).
  2. 2Non-significant results indicate that the likelihood score does not differ significantly from that of the "best" tree (topology B).