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Figure 5

From: Evolution of MIR168 paralogs in Brassicaceae

Figure 5

Expression pattern of MIR168 paralogs in Arabidopsis. A) Genomic region encompassing MIR168a; B) genomic region encompassing MIR168b. Black box: mature miR168; dashed box: miR168*; white boxes: 20 bp sequences forming the basal stem; light gray box: miR168 loop region; dark gray boxes: nearest exons in the genes upstream and downstream of MIR168, arrows indicate gene orientation. Distances are drawn to scale, with the exception of pre-miR168 (to a larger scale for clarity); +1 is the first nucleotide of the mature miR168. The pMIR168a::GFP-GUS, pMIR168b1::GFP-GUS and pMIR168b2::GFP-GUS constructs are represented underneath the genomic regions. C) GUS-staining of Arabidopsis transformant lines carrying the pMIR168a::GFP-GUS and pMIR168b1::GFP-GUS constructs.

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