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Table 3 Correlation between different estimates of nucleotide substitution rates (N: non-synonymous, S: synonymous) of the MHC-DRB exon 2 of the molecule at different regions (ABS: contact residues, non-ABS: non-contact residues).

From: Correlated evolution of nucleotide substitution rates and allelic variation in Mhc-DRB lineages of primates

All lineages, N = 191 dS, ABS dN, non-ABS dS, non-ABS
dN, ABS 0.630 0.815 0.619
dS, ABS   0.548 0.507
dN, non-ABS    0.656
Only HLA orthologues, N = 55 dS, ABS dN, non-ABS dS, non-ABS
dN, ABS 0.703 0.826 0.850
dS, ABS   0.635* 0.641*
dN, non-ABS    0.825
  1. Effect sizes in the form of Pearson's correlation coefficient as derived from the corresponding GLM model, which included species and lineage as random effects and was weighted by sample size (log10-transformed number of individuals). All relationships are significant at the 0.001 < P level, except *, which corresponds to P < 0.01.