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Table 7 Average transcript density of lineage-specific breakpoints observed for regions of 125 kb around the arithmetic centre of the evolutionary breakpoint interval.

From: Gene synteny comparisons between different vertebrates provide new insights into breakage and fusion events during mammalian karyotype evolution

Feature investigated Species
  Chicken Opossum Cow/Dog Mouse/Rat Human
No. of evolutionary breakpoint intervals 83 25 166 120 56
Average size of the breakpoint interval (Mb) 0.16 0.24 0.27 0.35 0.39
Transcripts/Mb 29.76 27.76 17.52 16.20 20.32
Increase above the genome average transcript density 3.72-fold 3.72-fold 2.19-fold 2.03-fold 2.54-fold
  1. NB. Estimates of both the average size of the breakpoint interval and the transcript density are sensitive to the relative-fold sequence coverage of the respective genomes. However, calculating values for the increase above the genome average transcript density allows valid inter-genome comparisons to be made.