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Figure 3

From: A new vetulicolian from Australia and its bearing on the chordate affinities of an enigmatic Cambrian group

Figure 3

Anterior and posterior body regions of the early Cambrian vetulicolian Nesonektris aldridgei . A, SAM P49080a, showing the joint between the anterior region and the first segment of the posterior region (arrow), in its ventral area; notice the angle of the joint (see Figure 1G); B, SAM P49662a, specimen with intersegmental membranes imprinted on partially mineralized axial rod due to compaction during burial; C, SAM P47152a, showing remains of food boluses (arrow) in ventral food gutter (sensu Ou et al. [9], Figure six A-E); D, SAM P47168b, with ventral food gutter; E, SAM P49076a, anterior region partially infilled with sediment; F, SAM P48105a, with ventral food gutter; additional abbreviations: vfg = ventral food gutter; figs D and F are mirror images of the original to aid with comparison with main figures in text (posterior to right); scale bars, 10 mm.

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