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Figure 6

From: Dynamic evolution of the GnRH receptor gene family in vertebrates

Figure 6

Complete open reading frame sequences for Type I GnRH receptors, aligned using MUSCLE [[32]] . The Type I receptors identified in chimaeras and coelacanths (uppermost sequences) share high sequence similarity with those from mammals as well as identical intron-exon boundaries (arrowheads) and the lack of a cytoplasmic C-terminal domain. Amino acids that are highly conserved (>80% sequence identity) are indicated with the darkest shading; lighter shading indicates 60-80% identity; the lightest shading indicates 40-60% identity; and a white background indicates low conservation (<40% identity). Transmembrane domains were predicted using HMMTOP 2.0 [30] and are indicated with dark lines surrounding the relevant portion of the sequences. Latin names of species and accession numbers for sequences are provided in Additional file 1: Table S1.

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