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Figure 10

From: Phylogeography of the land snail genus Orcula(Orculidae, Stylommatophora) with emphasis on the Eastern Alpine taxa: speciation, hybridization and morphological variation

Figure 10

Pictures of fossil orculid species N . subconica and N. falkneri . N. falkneri from the type locality Nowa Wieś Królewska (Poland): BSP 1966 XXVI (holotype, left) and BSP 1952 XVIII/19 (paratype, right). Both specimens are deposited in the Bayerische Staatssammlung für Paläontologie und Geologie in Munich (Germany). The pictures were published in [48]. The specimen of N. subconica (Hochheim, Germany) is deposited in the Paleontological Department of the Natural History Museum Vienna (Austria): NHMW 1865/0011/0049.

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