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Figure 9

From: Phylogeography of the land snail genus Orcula(Orculidae, Stylommatophora) with emphasis on the Eastern Alpine taxa: speciation, hybridization and morphological variation

Figure 9

Distribution of mt clades of the Orcula species endemic to the Alps. As the distribution areas of five of the species overlap in the Southern Calcareous Alps, the data are displayed in two separate maps (A and B). The colored symbols indicate the distribution of the mt clades, the color shaded areas represent the distribution areas of the respective Orcula species. In case that two species or species clades, respectively, were found at the same localities, the symbols are shown in ovals pointing towards the locality. The white shaded areas represent the glacier extent during the LGM (30-18 kya; [4]). The data on the maximum extent of glaciers during the LGM was published by [72], and modified by [8].

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