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Figure 5

From: Taming the wild: resolving the gene pools of non-model Arabidopsislineages

Figure 5

Genetic assignment analysis of microsatellite data in the genus Arabidopsis. Genetic assignment analysis of microsatellite data running STRUCTURE [82],[83]. A) Total diploid data set separated from the total dataset, B) Total dataset comprising all diploids and tetraploids, C) Tetraploid dataset. For all datasets and analyses (A), (B) and (C) significantly recognized groups have been analyzed further individually (groups separated by white spacers: (A) upper part, (B) lower part, (C) lower part. The A. lyrata group is highlighted in orange and yellow, A. arenosa in green, and A. halleri in blue, respectively. The optimal K-values for the various datasets are given with Additional file 4. The total dataset (B) upper part has been divided into an analysis with K = 4 and K = 5.

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