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Figure 3

From: Seasonality in the migration and establishment of H3N2 Influenza lineages with epidemic growth and decline

Figure 3

Sequence Sampling and Incidence Profiles for Seven Global Communities. (A) The monthly sampling distribution of global (CH – China, EU – Europe, JA – Japan, AUS – Oceania, SA – South-America, SEA – South East Asia, NA – North-America) publically available human H3N2 hemagglutinin and neuraminidase sequence samples used for the inference of phylogenetic trees and migration seasonality (Table 4, Additional file 1: Figure S4). A representative collection of sequences sampled from other parts of the world is designated as other (OT). (B) Surveillance data (WHO FluNet, 2000 week 1 to 2012 week 52) was aggregated on a weekly basis and smoothed (8 weeks moving average) to obtain broad seasonal incidence profiles in seven global communities. Within each global community, country level surveillance counts were normalized (divided by the total number of counts in the country), and added up in proportion to the country’s population size. Each community was weighted based on its population size to approximate its relative contribution to worldwide incidence.

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