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Figure 5

From: Recurrent camouflaged invasions and dispersal of an Asian freshwater gastropod in tropical Africa

Figure 5

Non-metric multidimensional scaling of morphologically-scored, African Melanoides tuberculata populations. Morph codes are provided for invasive morphs, whereas native African morphs are lumped. Morphs CDI and LMI belong to clade 1, whereas all other material belongs to clade 2, illustrating that despite a deep phylogenetic split morphological overlap exists between both clades. Our study is the first to find morphological overlap between native and invasive M. tuberculata morphs, which hampers separating them based on shell morphology alone. The solid black circle indicates the position of lab-bred F1 individuals of morph CDI; * indicates the position of organically coated CDI specimens that were not bleached before assessment.

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