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Figure 3

From: Competition and mimicry: the curious case of chaetae in brachiopods from the middle Cambrian Burgess Shale

Figure 3

Scanning Electron Microscope images of brachiopods from the middle (Series 3, Stage 5) Cambrian Burgess Shale. A-B, ROM63169, RQ + 8.2 m, anteromedial chaetae of Micromitra burgessensis, B, scale bar 20 μm. C-D, ROM57603, BW-120 cm, anteromedial chaetae of Micromitra burgessensis. E, ROM63185, Talus above Walcott Quarry, anteromedial chaetae of Paterina zenobia. F, GSC 81224, Walcott Quarry, Phyllopod Bed, Pirania muricata spicules emerging from underneath Micromitra burgessensis, scale bar 200 μm. Scale bars 100 μm unless otherwise stated.

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