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Figure 11

From: New fossil ephialtitids elucidating the origin and transformation of the propodeal-metasomal articulation in Apocrita (Hymenoptera)

Figure 11

Transformation of the propodeum-metasomal articulation in basal Apocrita (including Evanioidea) . A, Acephialtitia colossa gen. et sp. nov. B, Kuafua polyneura Rasnitsyn, Zhang, 2010 (Kuafuidae). C, Schlettererius cinctipes (Cresson, 1880) (Stephanidae). D, Proapocritus sculptus Rasnitsyn & Zhang, 2010. E, Eosaulacus giganteus Zhang and Rasnitsyn, 2008 (Preaulacidae). F, Eosaulacus granulates Zhang and Rasnitsyn, 2008 (Preaulacidae). Red arrows indicate propodeum, encircled numbers denote main transformation pathways, as follows: – pathway towards Kuafuidae and further to main taxa of Apocrita; – pathway towards Stephanidae; – pathway towards basal Evanioidea.

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