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Table 3 Summary of mismatch distribution parameters and neutrality tests for all populations of Leucomeris decora and Nouelia insignis, respectively

From: Genetic divergence and phylogeographic history of two closely related species (Leucomeris decora and Nouelia insignis) across the 'Tanaka Line' in Southwest China

Species Tajima’s D Fu’s Fs SSDa HRag a SSDb HRag b
L. decora 1.659 2.187 0.017* 0.227* 0.017* 0.227*
N. insignis -0.083 0.793 0.005* 0.194 0.012 0.194
  1. SSD, the sum of square deviation; HRag, the raggedness index; *P < 0.05
  2. aThe indices under the spatial expansion model; bThe indices under the sudden demographic expansion model
  3. Estimates were obtained under models of spatial expansion or pure demographic expansion using Arlequin