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Fig. 2

From: The temporal build-up of hummingbird/plant mutualisms in North America and temperate South America

Fig. 2

Tanglegrams for temperate South American hummingbird species with plant species adapted for bird pollination (lines only connect plants and birds with empirical data on their interaction; see Table 2); a: Map of temperate South America (red), tropical South America (green), and the Northern Andes (lilac); the arrow marks the Juan Fernandez Islands. B: Temporal build-up of temperate South American hummingbird-pollinated clades; red lines indicate hummingbird-pollinated species, red triangles hummingbird-pollinated plant clades (species number in brackets). Stem ages, and for clades also crown ages, are shown. C: Sephanoides fernandensis at Cuminia eriantha (Lamiaceae), photo by Héctor Gutiérrez Guzmán,; D: Dated phylogeny for hummingbirds with the species occurring in temperate South America indicated by red lines. Error margins on plant age estimates are shown in Table 2, those for birds in Table S2. Time scales below figures are in million years before present

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