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Table 1 Overview on nightingale song measures

From: Multiple song features are related to paternal effort in common nightingales

Measure Definition Mean ± SD CV
Repertoire size Number of different song types 181 ± 35 0.19
Whistle repertoire size Number of whistle song types in the repertoire 28 ± 5 0.18
Whistle song occurrence Number of whistle songs (independent of types) in the song sample 74 ± 17 0.23
Trill repertoire size Number of trill song types in the repertoire 20 ± 4 0.2
Trill song occurrence Number of trill songs in the song sample 64 ± 10 0.15
Buzz repertoire size Number of buzz song types in the repertoire 5 ± 1 0.33
Buzz song occurrence Number of buzz songs in the song sample 14 ± 4 0.3
Shortest path Network measure: the path connecting two nodes with the minimal number of nodes in between 4.66 ± 0.84 0.18
Transitivity Network measure: a measure for the probability that adjacent nodes of a given node are connected as well 0.18 ± 0.03 0.17
  1. Name, description, and mean values for song features under study. All measures refer to song samples of 533 consecutive songs. Mean values are shown for 20 males. Both network measures were calculated and then averaged for all possible nodes or pairs of nodes in a network