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Fig. 2

From: Post-zygotic selection against parental genotypes during larval development maintains all-hybrid populations of the frog Pelophylax esculentus

Fig. 2

Average proportions (± SE) of different genotypes in natural ponds at four developmental stages: E = eggs, T = tadpoles, M = metamorphs, J = 1-year old juveniles A = adults. Grey bars represent the three hybrid types that are surviving and dominate among adults (LLR in a), LR in b) and LRR in c); the black bars show values for the parental species LL (a) and RR (c) that are gradually disappearing. In b) the stippled bars represent LLRR hybrids that are found among adults in low proportions, the hatched bars denote proportions of uncertain genotypes, i.e., those that could not unambiguously be identified in the microsatellite analysis (cf. Methods)

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