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Fig. 2

From: Rapid divergence and diversification of mammalian duplicate gene functions

Fig. 2

Comparison of tissue-specific expression among outgroup, parent, and child genes in different classes. a Boxplots showing distributions of tissue specificities for outgroup (gray), parent (blue), and child (red) genes in each class. Dotted black lines represents the median tissue specificity for single-copy genes, and asterisks show significance relative to the distribution for single-copy genes. b Barplots depicting proportions of single-copy (black), outgroup (gray), functionally conserved (blue) and neofunctionalized (red) genes with highest expression in each tissue. Absolute counts for each bar are provided in Additional file 1: Table S3. Asterisks above lines connecting two bars indicate significance between groups. *p < 0.05; **p < 0.01; p < 0.001 (see Methods for details)

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