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Fig. 3

From: Life habits, hox genes, and affinities of a 311 million-year-old holometabolan larva

Fig. 3

Thoracic and abdominal appendages of Srokalarva berthei. a to d, Second (mesothoracic) and third (metathoracic) appendages; (e) to (g), True first abdominal appendage. a, e, Directed low angle light. b, Undirected reflected light. Arrows mark patterns resembling supposed claw. c, Red-blue anaglyph of a virtual surface reconstruction. (Use red-cyan glasses to view.) d, Interpretative version of (c). f, Red-cyan stereo-anaglyph under cross-polarized light. (Use red-cyan glasses to view.) g, Interpretative version of (f). Abbreviations: “cl”, originally interpreted claw; tr, tergite rim

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