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Fig. 14

From: The oldest described eurypterid: a giant Middle Ordovician (Darriwilian) megalograptid from the Winneshiek Lagerstätte of Iowa

Fig. 14

Pentecopterus decorahensis, prosomal appendage VI. a SUI 139918, seventh podomere showing serrations and anterodistal projection. b SUI 139999, podomeres 7–9 showing serrations on proximal region of seventh podomere. c SUI 139984, almost complete articulated paddle comprising podomeres 1–7. d SUI 139933, podomeres 7–9. e SUI 139960, paddle showing articulations between podomeres 5–7 and the distribution of setal follicles. f SUI 139992, podomeres 8–9. g SUI 139988, seventh podomere. h SUI 139995, podomeres 6–7 showing articulation and overlap. i SUI 139958, distal portion of sixth podomere shown in both anterior and posterior aspect displaying the continuation of serrations behind the lateral projection. j SUI 139981, incomplete seventh podomere and distal portion of eighth showing the insertion of podomere 9. k SUI 139966, distal portion of sixth podomere in both anterior and posterior aspect. l SUI 139949, podomeres 1–3. m SUI 139977, seventh podomere. n SUI 139964, podomeres 8–9. o SUI 140001, small paddle showing podomeres 6–7 and the positioning of podomere 7a posterior to the anterodistal projection. VI-1–VI-9 = podomeres 1–9, FO = follicles. Scale bars = 10 mm

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