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Fig. 15

From: The oldest described eurypterid: a giant Middle Ordovician (Darriwilian) megalograptid from the Winneshiek Lagerstätte of Iowa

Fig. 15

Pentecopterus decorahensis, mesosomal tergites. a, b SUI 139931. a Counterpart showing imprint of central scale rows in the sediment. b Part, articulated tergites probably representing segments 4–5. c SUI 139943, tergites 2–4. d, e SUI 139947. d Counterpart, fragment of cuticle removed from second tergite. e Part, tergite 1–4. f SUI 140018 part, two tergites in series. g SUI 139950, tergite. h SUI 139932, sixth tergite missing right lateral margin. i SUI 140015, fragment of exceptionally large tergite. T1–T5 = tergites 1–5, SR = scale row. Scale bars = 10 mm

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