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Fig. 1

From: Wolbachia pseudogenes and low prevalence infections in tropical but not temperate Australian tephritid fruit flies: manifestations of lateral gene transfer and endosymbiont spillover?

Fig. 1

Incidence of Wolbachia infection in tephritid species. The Köppen map of Australia represents the climate groups and latitudes as approximate climate divisions along the east coast of Australia. Wolbachia incidence is presented as filled sections of pie graphs, with the number of infected species per total number of tested species within each of the six regions. Grey pie graphs represent Wolbachia incidence in all studied species of individual regions. Black pie graphs represent Wolbachia incidence in species for which at least ten individuals were available north or south of 24° latitude (set as midpoint for the analysis). Wolbachia incidence was higher in the northern half than the southern half of the latitudinal gradient (Fisher’s exact test; p < 0.05)

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