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Fig. 4

From: Analysis of 5’ gene regions reveals extraordinary conservation of novel non-coding sequences in a wide range of animals

Fig. 4

A highly conserved hairpin loop in the 5’ UTR of Not1. a Upstream CNE-containing Not1 sequences. Three footprints of conservation are clearly visible; the first two (from left) constitute the stem sequence of the hairpin and are shown as motif 1. The third footprint (shown as motif 2) is the conserved sequence adjacent to the translation start site and contains an ATG upstream of the translation start site. Hairpin loop stabilities are shown in red and outliers (disrupted loops) are marked with blue asterisks. Acyrthosiphon pisumI represents a putative Not1 paralog. b N. vitripennis Not1 CNE predicted RNA folded structure colored by sequence conservation, showing highly variable apical sequence and conserved stem

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