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Table 1 List of coding sequences analyzed with corresponding accession numbers

From: Evolution of the highly networked deubiquitinating enzymes USP4, USP15, and USP11

Species USP4 USP15 USP11
Human NC_000003 NC_000012 NC_000023
Gorilla NC_018427 NC_018436
Chimpanzee NC_006490 NC_006479 NC_006491
Rhesus monkey NC_007859 NC_007868 NC_007878
Dog NC_006602 NC_006592 NC_006621
Cat NC_018724 NC_018729 NC_018741
Cow AC_000179 AC_000162 AC_000187
Whale NW_006725543 NW_006713252 NW_006727531
Mouse NC_000075 NC_000076 NC_000086
Rat NC_005107 NC_005106 NC_005120
Opossum NC_008806 NC_008808 NC_008809
Little brown bat NW_005872009 NW_005871371 NW_005871244
European shrew NW_004545936 NW_004545859 NW_004545915
Star-nosed mole NW_004567105 NW_004567135 NW_004567128
Armadillo NW_004467831 NW_004502972 NW_004483933
Platypus NW_001794469 NW_001688637 NW_001598857
Mallard NW_004677124 NW_004676435
Zebra finch NC_011476 NC_011463
Chicken NC_006099 NC_006088
Alligator NW_006225048
Python NW_006532620 NW_006535771 NW_006532331
Green sea turtle NW_006635848 NW_006644513 NW_006577128
Soft-shelled turtle NW_005853649 NW_005858962
Anole NC_014777 NC_014780 NC_014777
Xenopus NW_004668239 NW_004668234
Coelacanth NW_005819144 NW_005819645 NW_005821768
Gar NC_023183 NC_023186
Zebrafish NC_007117 NW_003336534 NC_007119
Zebra mbuna NW_004531721 NW_004531746 NW_004531844
Guppy NC_024335 NC_024353 NC_024337
Fugu NC_018908 NC_018907 NC_018892
Medaka XM_004068480 NW_004090515 NW_004095165
Shark NW_006890068 NW_006890092
Lancelet NW_003101526
Tunicate NC_020166
Acorn worm NW_003149765 NW_003123910
Sea urchin NW_003577258
Sea slug NW_004797520
Hydra NW_004173592
Sea sponge NW_003546314
Lamprey lamprey_JL9400, lamprey_JL10812
Little skate LS-transcriptB2-ctg62960, LS-transcriptB2-ctg14739
Owl limpet gw1.79.7.1