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Table 2 Statistics computed from observed data for the three HLA loci

From: Computer simulation of human leukocyte antigen genes supports two main routes of colonization by human populations in East Asia

Statistic Meaning A B DRB1
M A Mean of lineage number for all populations 14.47 27.26 12.84
SD A Standard deviation of lineage number for all populations 3.96 6.64 1.01
M H Average of heterozygosity index H for all populations 0.79 0.91 0.89
SD H Standard deviation of H for all populations 0.054 0.021 0.019
M H-North Mean of H for NEAs 0.84 0.92 0.90
SD H-North Standard deviation of H for NEAs 0.012 0.0056 0.0070
M H-South Mean of H for SEAs 0.75 0.89 0.88
SD H-South Standard deviation of H for SEAs 0.044 0.010 0.021
R H-lat Correlation coefficient between H and latitude 0.78 0.84 0.65
F ST F statistic measuring within- and inter-group differentiation 0.017 0.011 0.0075
F CT F statistic measuring inter-group differentiation 0.015 0.0092 0.0055
F SC F statistic measuring within-group differentiation 0.0023 0.0016 0.0020