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Table 3 Statistical associations between homozygosity weighted by locus (HL) and principal components derived from immune and growth variables and immune variables in juveniles (linear mixed effect models)

From: Context-dependent associations between heterozygosity and immune variation in a wild carnivore

Colony Response Variable Chi-squared p-value Estimate SE t-value
HIC WBC 7.299 0.006 ** 5.985 2.215 2.701
  IgG 0.009 0.864 - - -
CC WBC 0.651 0.419 - - -
  IgG 3.264 0.071 - - -
  1. In juveniles the Chi-squared and p-values are for likelihood ratio tests that compared models with HL, sex and mass as explanatory variables with models including only sex and mass; the estimate, standard error and t-values are for HL and are only reported for models in which HL was retained
  2. HIC human-impacted colony, CC control colony, SE standard error, IgG total immunoglobulin G concentration (mg/ml), WBC total leukocyte concentration (109/l). **p<0.01