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Fig. 4

From: Detailed reconstruction of the nervous and muscular system of Lobatocerebridae with an evaluation of its annelid affinity

Fig. 4

Details of the nerves of the brain of Lobatocerebrum riegeri n. sp. as seen with CLSM, acetylated α-tubulin in grey. a, b Schematic drawings based on confocal stacks, c, d maximum intensity projections of the original image stack. a Brain in dorsolateral view, with the major nerves of the left side colour-coded, the nerves of the right side shaded in grey b Dorsal view of the brain with similar colour-coding and indication of the nerves, c dorsal view of the central neuropil at the level of the main commissures in the brain; d dorsal view of the central neuropil with the major nerve cords as shown in the schematic drawings. Abbreviations: adlnc: anterior dorsolateral nerve cord, adnc: anterior dorsal nerve cord, avc: anterio-ventral commissure of the neuropil, avlnc: anterior ventrolateral nerve cord, avnc: anterior ventral nerve cord, dc: dorsal commissure of the neuropil, lca: major caudal lobe, lcil: lateral minor caudal lobe, lcim: median minor caudal lobe, lpnp: lateral projection of the neuropil, lrl: lateral rostral lobe, lra: major rostral lobe, lri: minor rostral lobe, mc: median commissure of the neuropil, mlca: medial nerve innervating the major caudal lobe, mrm: median rostral nerve, nlca: nerve innervating the major caudal lobe, nlci: nerve innervating the median minor caudal lobe, nlcil: nerve innervating the lateral minor caudal lobe, nlrl: nerve leading through the lateral rostral lobe, nlra: nerve leading through the major rostral lobe, nlri: nerve leading through the minor rostral lobe, mvc: medioventral nerve cord, vlnc: ventral nerve cord, vc: ventral commissure of the neuropil

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