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Fig. 5

From: Detailed reconstruction of the nervous and muscular system of Lobatocerebridae with an evaluation of its annelid affinity

Fig. 5

Details of the nervous system of Lobatocerebrum riegeri n. sp. as seen with CLSM. DAPI in cyan, serotonin in red, FMRFamide in purple. The use of “glow” depends on the figure and is indicated for each of them. All images are maximum intensity projections of a subset of the original image stack on various locations of the body if not specified below. Anterior is to the left and posterior to the right a Dorsal view of the details of the FMRFamidergic nervous system around the pharynx in “glow”. The background noise has been masked to highlight the nervous system. b, c and d Single sagittal sections showing details of the brain. α-tubulin in “glow”, bd Virtual sections through the median plane (b) the medio-lateral plane (c) and the lateral plane (d) of the brain, e Coronal substack of the animal showing details of the epidermis and the postpharyngeal ganglia (the outside of the animal is on the upper side of the picture), f Dorsal view of a sub-stack of the male gonopore (the outside of the animal is on the upper side of the picture), g Dorsal view of a sub-stack of the spermioduct, h Dorsal view of a sub-stack of epidermis showing the peripheral nervous system with α-tubulin in glow, i Sub-stack showing a longitudinal section of the epidermis with details on the peripheral nervous system associated to the musculature (the outside of the animal is on the upper side of the picture). Abbreviations: avnc: anterior ventrolateral nerve cord, c1–2: commissure 1 - 2, fpg1–2: FMRFamidergic perikarya of the postpharyngeal ganglia 1 - 2, lca: major caudal lobe, lci: minor caudal lobes, lm: longitudinal muscle, lpn: longitudinal peripheral nerve, lpnp: lateral projection of the neuropil, lr: rostral lobe, mcn: nuclei of the myocyte, mo: mouth opening, mop: perikaryon associated with the male gonopore, mrn: median rostral nerve, nlca: nerve of the major caudal lobe, nlci: nerve of the minor caudal lobe, nlra: nerve of the major rostral lobe, nlrl: nerve of the lateral rostral lobe, np: neuropil, nrmg: nerve ring around the male gonopore, pfg: posterior frontal glands, pg1–2: postpharyngeal ganglia 1 - 2, snr: stomatogastric nerve ring, sp: perikarya of the stomatogastric nerve ring, spc: serotoninergic cell, spd: spermioduct, spdp: FMRFamidergic perikarya associated to the spermioduct, spg1: serotoninergic perikarya of the postpharyngeal ganglion 1, ss: sensoria, tpn: transverse ring of the peripheral nervous system, vlnc: ventral longitudinal nerve cord

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