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Fig. 8

From: Detailed reconstruction of the nervous and muscular system of Lobatocerebridae with an evaluation of its annelid affinity

Fig. 8

Reproductive organs in Lobatocerebrum riegeri n. sp. as seen with CLSM and transmitted light. DAPI in cyan, acetylated α-tubulin in glow, phalloidin in green. All images are maximum intensity projections of a subset of the original image stack. Orientation is anterior to the left and dorsal side up if not indicated otherwise. a Testis with spermioduct and glands around the male gonopore, b Ovary, cd Seminal receptacles at the level of the tips of the sperm filaments c) and with bent sperm filaments (d). The contours of the receptacles are traced with dashed lines to facilitate orientation. Abbreviations: cg: ciliated gland, e1–2: egg 1 - 2, llm: lateral longitudinal muscle, lm: longitudinal muscle, mg: male gonopore, mgg: male gonopore glands, n2: nucleus of egg 2, ors1–2: opening of the seminal receptacle 1–2, rs1–2: seminal recepatcle 1–2, spd: spermioduct, spf: sperm filaments, t: testis, tg: tubular gland, tmr: transverse muscular ring complex, vlnc: ventral longitudinal nerve cord

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