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Fig. 1

From: Membrane-associated collagens with interrupted triple-helices (MACITs): evolution from a bilaterian common ancestor and functional conservation in C. elegans

Fig. 1

Domain architecture of MACIT collagens and conservation of the C-terminus. a Schematic diagrams of the domain organization of mammalian collagens XIII, XXIII and XXV, drawn to scale for the polypeptide lengths. b Multiple sequence alignment (MSA) of the C-termini of human and mouse MACITs. Black shading indicates residues conserved in more than 50 % of the sequences, grey shading indicates semi-conserved residues, white indicates non-conserved residues. Numbers refer to the starting amino acid position. Conserved cysteine residues are indicated with asterisks. c Schematic diagrams of the domain organization of MACIT collagens from invertebrates. In (a) and (c), collagenous (COL) domains are shown in yellow, non-collagenous (NC) regions in dark blue, the NC1 domain composed of coiled-coil sequences (Coil/NC1) in pale blue, the transmembrane domain (TM) in magenta, and the cytosolic domain (Cyto) in brown. Green arrowheads indicate putative furin cleavage sites

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