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Fig. 1

From: New data from the Middle Jurassic of China shed light on the phylogeny and origin of the proboscis in the Mesopsychidae (Insecta: Mecoptera)

Fig. 1

Line drawings of forewing samples for 14 representative species used in analyses. a Permopsyche rasnitsyni, from Bashkuev, 2011 [22]. b Permopsyche issadensis, from Bashkuev, 2011 [22]. c Permopsyche belmontensis, from Riek, 1953 [16] and Bashkuev, 2011 [22]. d Mesopsyche triareolata, from Bashkuev, 2011 [22] and Lambkin, 2014 [24]. e Mesopsyche dobrokhotovae, from Novokshonov, 1997 [18] and Bashkuev, 2011 [22]. f Mesopsyche shcherbakovi, from Novokshonov, 1997 [18]. g Lichnomesopsyche gloriae, from Ren, Labandeira, and Shih, 2010 [21]. h Lichnomesopsyche daohugouensis, from Ren, Labandeira, and Shih, 2010 [21]. i Epicharmesopsyche pentavenulosa, from Shih, Qiao, Labandeira, and Ren, 2013 [23]. j Vitimopsyche kozlovi from Ren, Labandeira, and Shih, 2010 [21] (one crossvein [between MP2 and MP3] estimated using other two species of the same genus). k Vitimopsyche torta, from Novokshonov and Sukacheva, 2001 [19] (two landmarks [for endings of 1A and 2A] estimated using average of the other two species of the genus). l Permopanorpa inaequalis, from Beckemeyer and Hall, 2007 [51]. m Protopanorpa longicubitalis, from Bashkuev, 2010 [39]. n Pseudopolycentropus janeannae, from Ren et al., 2010 [8]. Scale bars represent 5 mm in (e) and (gm), 1 mm in (ac), and 3 mm in (d), (f) and (n)

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