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Fig. 5

From: New data from the Middle Jurassic of China shed light on the phylogeny and origin of the proboscis in the Mesopsychidae (Insecta: Mecoptera)

Fig. 5

Detail structures of Lichnomesopsyche prochorista sp. nov., holotype specimen CNU-MEC-NN-2015002p. a Photograph under ethanol of head and antennae. b Overlay drawing of the head and antennae. c Photograph of genitalia with vestiture in dorsal view, under alcohol. d Overlay drawing of female genitalia in dorsal view. e Photograph under ethanol of the proboscis base. f Photograph under ethanol of tarsi and associated two claws of right foreleg. Scale bars represent 1 mm in (ad) and (f), 0.5 mm in (e). Corresponding abbreviations are: A7: the seventh segment of the abdomen; A8: the eighth segment of the abdomen; A9: the ninth segment of abdomen; A10: the tenth segment of the abdomen

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