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Fig. 5

From: Genomic signatures of domestication on neurogenetic genes in Drosophila melanogaster

Fig. 5

Neurogenetic enrichment of extended haplotype blocks and Fst*wild>lab SNP genomic distribution. In the top panel, colored rectangles indicates haplotype blocks surrounding lab-differentiated SNPs (lab-specific: blue, Fst*lab>wild: red, Fst*wild>lab: green). Size distribution of haplotype blocks per frequency class is found in Fig. 4. Presence of known neurogenetic genes in each block is indicated by purple arrows. In the bottom panel, FST scan identifies derived SNPs in genic regions with higher allele frequency in the Raleigh NC population relative to the laboratory strains (Fst*wild>lab). Dotted line indicates cutoff for Fst*wild>lab SNPs (Z-score > 2.5, above dotted line). Of the 62 Fst* SNPs found in genic regions, SNPs are significantly enriched for neurogenetic genes (P < 0.001). SNPs found within neurogenetic genes are shaded in purple

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